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About us

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Who we are

RIADCO (Riyadah International Advanced Co. LLC) is a Saudi logistics and general trade company providing storage, transportation, logistics, import, export, external manufacturing, registration and consultation services for commodities and pharmaceuticals by forming strong strategic partnerships with its customers based on professionalism.

RIADCO is here to support the ever growing eCommerce industry in the Kingdom. With expertise in warehousing, distribution, intermediation, integrated supply chains and modern logistics infrastructure, it offers practical supply chain solutions with omni-channel logistics services by employing highly-qualified workforce - that’s how it achieves 100% customer satisfaction!


Founded in Riyadh in year 2012 as a trading company, RIADCO is a major trading company that imports and distributes medical devices, medical supplies and cosmetics. It is an authorized and exclusive distributor in Saudi Arabia for several companies from around the world.

In 2014, RIADCO provided brokerage services in the manufacture of cosmetics and medical devices for several specialized factories around the world through a strong and continuous partnership with its customers and manufacturing companies.

In 2015, the company expanded its business by providing logistics services (transport - storage) with the highest international standards for its clients in all fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

In 2016, with the urgent need of the market and at the request of its customers, RIADCO expanded its activities to include the provision of advisory services, listing and registration services for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics with the Food and Drug Authority.


RIADCO's mission is to be at the best of our customers' minds and to provide innovative logistics solutions that are of high quality and made available at a reasonable cost with a commitment to continuous development, improvement and optimum use of available resources through qualified personnel and modern technologies to effectively contribute to the upgrading of logistics services in Saudi Arabia.


We seek leadership in the provision of consulting, warehousing, transportation and logistics services for cosmetic products and pharmaceuticals at reasonable costs through qualified personnel, hitech solutions and optimum use of available resources and become a key element and successful partner in the business and services it provides in the Saudi market.

Our Goals

We aim to achieve overall excellence in everything we do, that’s why we aim:

  1. To provide the best logistics solutions in the GCC region
  2. § To offer the best manufacturing services of cosmetics and pharmaceutical supplies
  3. To provide phenomenal services in general and cosmetic trading
  4. To achieve total satisfaction for our customers while adhering to our values and principles
  5. To ensure due diligence in all of our activities
  6. To offer the quality services at reasonable prices
  7. To promote good professional relationships with other businesses, our customers, partners and employees

Our Values

Commitment to agreements/ legal bounds

We strive to achieve full compliance with all agreements that we conclude, as well as abide by all the laws, regulations and decisions issued by the regulators and the company's business supervisors.


Constant development of personnel capabilities is the focus in order to fulfill client needs.

Best Work Environment

We believe in an internal work environment conducive to creativity and professionalism based on high-level skills and experience. We work with a team spirit and embrace the principle of effective engagement as a vehicle for customer satisfaction.

Quality in all our businesses

Our strategy is to ensure a high level of quality in all the work we do, not only to satisfy the needs of our customers, but also to achieve our vision in the long term.

Qualified Trusted Partner

We guarantee safe and quality transport of general goods and cosmetic products. The motive is to become a trusted partner and embrace our vision. Code of Conduct and Business Ethics We adhere to the highest standards of conduct and work ethic in all our transactions and we understand the differences of these rules in different working environments and markets in which we work. Honesty, integrity and transparency include ensuring the achievement of goals and success in accordance with the principle of effective partnership with the parties we deal with.